Panic at the Disco: So This Gay Muslim Democrat Walks Into A Bar….

Misadventures in Diversity

352ea01300000578-3638930-image-a-37_1465819624229How much more cultural enrichment can we take?  The bodies continue to pile up.

Florida-based Islamic Caliphate field rep Omar Mateen had more red flags than a Chinese military parade, yet as with Ft. Hood psychia-terror-ist Maj. Nidal Hasan, the feds saw no evil, heard no evil, and found no probable cause until it was too late.  Afterward, they still can’t get themselves to acknowledge the connection between the original Islamic mass-murderer, the “prophet” Mohammed himself, and Mohammedans of today.

Nowhere and nobody is safe from Manifest Diversity now.  Just when Hispanic trannies thought it was safe to go into whichever bathroom they felt comfortable at the moment, in barges bi-curious/conflicted security officer Allahu Akbar, guns-a-blazing to drown out the thumping bass, rain on the pride parade, and ruin the fabulous fudge party in the name of Islamic supremacy.

Mateen, though, sure was sensitive to the #BlackLivesMatter bunch during his…

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